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Our Workshop
When furnishing our workshop we had an eye on quality, as a working environment of high quality has direct influence on the quality of the product.
First of all, the rooms need to be spacious enough as otherwise the employees would stand in each other's way.
All work surfaces have been dimensioned accordingly large. Working on very small pieces requires utilization of many instruments, so it needs plenty of room as well.
Manufacturing dentures is time-consuming, and most of the work is done while sitting.
We therefore purchased a sufficient number of safe and comfortable chairs: Each workstation has it's own chair.
The other furnishings are also especially adjusted to the needs of a prosthetic dentistry plant.
The large number of drawers attracts attention: Most of our workpieces as well as most of our material containers are rather small, and this has influence on the choice of the furniture.
Good lighting is an important precondition for accurate work on small objects.
So we did not only equip each workstation with a glare-free swivelling workplace lamp, but we also have large windows and strong ceiling lamps. Goggles are available for cutting and grinding jobs.
Visitors are sometimes astonished about the many hand brushes which are laid out ready on all worktables.
We need them permanently: The most operations produce dust and crumbs and it is essential to remove them immediately so that they can not spoil the subsequent operation.
Our workshop thus meets all requirements for conscious usage of the most important component: working time.
As accuracy is not possible without an appropriate expenditure of time.
The low living-costs and the low wage level in Greece immediately benefit this accuracy.
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Kostas Fasfalis
Kountouriotou 23
GR - 74100 Rethymnon
Phone + Fax (0030) 28310 20938
Patient contact:
Evi Papadaki-Ninou
B. Ougo 15
GR - 74100 Rethymnon
Phone (0030) 28310 51142
Mobile (0030) 6932 403611
Email to Evi Papadaki-Ninou
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