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Dental prosthesis classically means crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures. In recent times, inlays and implants were included.
The dental technician's occupational image of today has become accordingly comprehensive.
Some 20 years ago it was possible to know all details of this profession. Now it however requires specialization, the more so as the spectrum of manufacturing variants and techniques is steadily increasing.
The same is true for the expansion in the sector of the materials and chemicals that we have to do with every single day.
The dental technician's vocational training of today is accordingly sophisticated.
This diversity reflects in the composition of our team. Most of the team members completed their professional training not only in Athens but also in several other countries of Europe.
In Germany, the vocational education as a dental technician is particularly demanding.
The high speed of affiliation of new materials, methods and techniques to our occupational image moreover requires permanent enhancement and updating of our professional skills and knowledge.
All team members therefore participate in appropriate continuous education for several weeks per year.
Again, the updating courses in Germany are to be highlighted mainly as the quality requirements there are exceptionally high.
Since some years, we even watch upcoming specialization in separate operations on a single denture.
This had some effect on the geographic structure of our workshop, as it is now organized in the form of several independent workstations.
Many pieces are not anymore made by a single employee but they travel from workstation to workstation, and from specialist to specialist.
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