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In artifial dentures, there are 3 countries world-wide leading: Germany, Japan and the U.S.
It is therefore not surprising that the best materials, chemicals and tools for prosthetic dentistry are being produced in those 3 countries.
In other words: A dental technician in Greece who wants to churn out high standard work can not purchase just from somewhere in south-east Asia, but only from Germany.
That does - of course - not come cheap.
But it has the advantage that all purchased goods always are of permanent high quality.
Futhermore, shipment from Germany will at the most arrive on time (if not so, we have either to blame our local courier services or there is again a strike somewhere in our local transportation chain).
And as most of our materials do not decay too fast, we just operate our own stocks of appropriate volumes.
Among our permanent providers, there are the firms Dentaurum (Ispringen), dentona (Dortmund), Renfert (Hilzingen), Scheftner (Mainz) and VITA (Bad Säckingen) (all in Germany).
The same as for the materials is also valid for our special machines and tools. The best ones come from Germany, Japan and the U.S.
Among our providers there are e.g. NSK from Japan, mts (model-tray) from Hamburg (Germany) and again Renfert from Hilzingen (Germany).
Usage of good machines and tools pays in several aspects.
Predominantly they are more sound than cheap rival products are. They do not fret too fast but instead guarantee good working output for a longer period, and need to be replaced much later than the cheap ones.
Good tools therefore make work more convenient and this way support accuracy in working.
You will not try to complete a job as fast as possible, just in order to get rid of using that certain tool.
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