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The patient's contact person is never the dental technician, but always the dentist.
This also means that the patient and the dentist need to have a common language.
Here in Rethymnon, we luckily have Mrs Evi Papadaki-Ninou. She finished her degree at the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg in Germany, and is not only fluent in German but also speaks English.
Therefore she is the designated contact person for all our customers who intend to combine business with pleasure:
To have their dental prosthesis manufactured during their holidays, and at much more reasonable prices than it would be possible in most of the other countries of Europe.
However, our partner Evi works the same way as we do - extremely accurately. She takes time out.
In Crete, we have all the time in the world.
The same is valid for holiday, anyway.
So if during your next holiday you would like to participate in our leisurely Cretan-style "health tourism", please do not hesitate to contact Evi via e-mail in time.
She will advise you and care for you even during your holiday planning and preparation.
So that both your holidays and your new teeth by cretadent will become a success.
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Kostas Fasfalis
Kountouriotou 23
GR - 74100 Rethymnon
Phone + Fax (0030) 28310 20938
Patient contact:
Evi Papadaki-Ninou
B. Ougo 15
GR - 74100 Rethymnon
Phone (0030) 28310 51142
Mobile (0030) 6932 403611
Email to Evi Papadaki-Ninou
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